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Yorkshire, UK
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Tennessee, USA

Pennsylvania, USA

Yorkshire has more very early Kirkman records than anywhere else in UK. In 1262, Ancestry’s Parish & Probate Records showed Roger Kyrkman as a witness to a land deed in Calverley, about 4 miles North of Bradford. In 1290, Walter Kirkeman son of John Kirkman of Sproatley, about 7 miles North East of Hull, is mentioned in a Feoffment in National Archives Access to Archives. You can see more early Yorkshire records on Early UK Kirkmans here

DNA evidence has been crucial to identifying links from Yorkshire to to other Kirkman Lines. One Yorkshire Kirkman still lives in the County.

St Wilfred’s Church,  Calverley dates from  11th century

His line can be traced back to Tristram Kirkman, born abt 1615 in Molescroft near Beverley. His son Thomas b 1640 and grandson Samuel b 1665, also from Molescroft, were both described as Yeoman. Samuel’s son Thomas b 1690 and grandson Matthew b1719-1734 were both Innholders.
Another Kirkman identified from his Y-DNA37 test results is from the USA Irish Tennessee Line. At the top of that tree at the moment is James Kirkman, b abt 1711 d 1788 in Wakefield Yorkshire. He was buried West Gate Presbyterian Chapel of Wakefield:
“December 25th. James Kirkman died December 21st 1788 and was interred on the Dissenters burying ground at Westgate [end], aged 77” He was Quartermaster in the 67th Foot, and was invalided out in 1775, when his son Sergeant Thomas Kirkman took over as Quartermaster. In turn, his son Thomas became Quartermaster in 1783, and later as Major Thomas Kirkman b 1757 was made Paymaster at Duncannon Fort, Ireland. He emigrated with his family and settled in Tennessee. Today’s descendants live in Michigan.

A further line identified by DNA testing to belong with the Yorkshire Kirkman are the Nottinghamshire Kirkmans emanating from  Thomas Kirkman b abt 1711 who lived in Wollaton, Nottingham in the middle of England. Thomas’s grandson William Kirkman b 1783 emigrated to USA around 1830 and settled in  Pine Creek Township, Pennsylvania. Later they formed the town of Kirkman nearby, where William’s son Thomas  Kirkman b 1812 Liverpool, England, and who was a landscape painter. Today’s descendant lives in North Carolina.

If your think you are a male Kirkman descended from this line, please contact me.  We already have 3 Kirkmans descended from the Yorkshire Kirkmans in the DNA Project, and would like to have more.