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Midlands - Derbyshire, UK
This branch of the Kirkmans relates to the descendants of Benjamin Kirkman b 1750. Earlier Derbyshire Kirkmans are found in the Leicestershire Page from which this branch also sprang. Benjamin married Dorothy Griffiths in Weston on Trent in 1777. By 1900, their descendants number ed more than 500 individuals over 8 generations.

Benjamin and Dorothy had 10 children between 1777 to 1797. Of these, 7 boys survived (John, Benjamin, William, Thomas, Joseph, James & George) and just 1 girl, Sarah. With such a large male family, inevitably some of them had to move elsewhere. Benjamin b 1780 moved to the next village of Aston on Trent, where he  farmed 10 acres. He had 3 wives. The first was Hannah Stoddard in 1804, and she bore him 7 children between 1806 and 1816 (Benjamin, John, Thomas, George, Joseph, Robert & Hannah). When Hannah died young at 36, Benjamin married Esther Scrope. She bore him another 7 children (Anne, Dorothy, Mary, Francis, Esther, Ellen & Cornelius) between 1820 to 1830. Clearly they needed to find new first names! But Esther also died young, and Benjamin found his 3rd  wife, namesake Martha Kirkman, to look after  the 14 children. Other Kirkmans who moved out of  Weston included  Joseph Kirkman b 1812 who became the village blacksmith in Melbourne. He sired Emma b 1838 and Oliver b 1840. William

b 1836 moved to Chellaston where he married Ann Pearson in 1857. She bore him 15 children, between 1857 to 1881, of whom Anna, Fanny, Elizabeth, Sarah William, Thomas, Alice, George, Harry, Ethel, Arthur & Mary Jane survived. John b 1843 moved to Ticknall where he married Elizabeth Astle in 1862, and had a modest 5 children there (Arthur, Annie, Clara, Ernest & Walter between 1867 to 1878).

Some moved out of the area completely. Benjamin Kirkman b 1835 married Elizabeth Horsley and moved to Barking, Essex, where they had 5 children, Henry, William, Alfred Ernest & Minnie between 1863 to 1873. Joseph Kirkman b 1840 was a coachman, and his travel took him to Edmonton, Middlesex where he and   his wife Susan Burton had 9 children  (Caroline, Arthur, Frederick, Herbert, Edward, Winnie, Francis, Ada & Percy from 1868 to 1885).

You can access details of all the Kirkmans in this tree by visiting the Kirkman Archive on the Guild of One Name Studies web-site here and selecting Derbyshire/Leicestershire Kirkmans.