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This page is intended to give you links to other Kirkman researchers and useful web sites. Click the highlighted name below to access the link:

Stephen Kirkman.

Stephen is a descendant of the London Musical Kirkmans, who arrived in England in the 1730’s. Stephen no longer has a web-site.  Click above to contact him by e-mail.

Trevor Kirkman

Trevor has a large database (12,000 individuals) of Lancashire Kirkmans. Click his name for e-mail.

Brian Kirkman

Brian doesn’t have a web site. He has a large Kirkman Marriage database, mainly but not exclusively for Lancashire Kirkmans. You can access the database on this site. If you have any query regarding that database, you can contact him by e-mail. (click his name above)

Russ Kirkman

Russ has a database of over 1500 Kirkmans, mainly USA, on his web site, which was mainly compiled in 1999.

Kirkman DNA Project

You can read more about the Kirkman DNA Project here, and about the company we use for testing, Family Tree DNA here. See the information on this site here

Lost Cousins

This web site is useful if you are trying to find a living Kirkman relative, for example a male cousin for a Y-DNA test.

Guild of One Name Studies

This takes you to the Guild’s web site where you can search for the surnames they currently are researching. A description of the Kirkman One Name Study is on this site here  The site also contains access to over 1600 Kirkman records in the Kirkman Archive

Ancestry. com Kirkman Message Board

This Kirkman message board is free to use once you have registered, as is this one Genealogy.com

Facebook - Kirkman Genealogy Group

This rapidly growing group shares Kirkman information.

Roots Web Kirkman Mailing List

This mailing list is not now frequently used, but you may find information posted in the past.

Genes Re-United

You have to register to use this site, and there is a subscription, but it is very active with several Kirkman re-searchers.

National Archives - Wills

You can find and then download certain UK Wills for a very reasonable price here. Very useful.

Lancashire Will Index

There is an Index to Lancashire Wills at this link, with more than 240,000 wills indexed to date.

National Archives A2A

This site is extremely useful to identify UK documents, some very old. Once you have found a document you want to see, you can order it from the archive source. Also very useful.

National Archives E179

Once you get back before the time of Parish Registers, this index of old UK Manorial Rolls and Tax documents is an invaluable search tool - but you need to know the place you want to search. Copies of documents can then be ordered, but it can take time to get them.

Nottinghamshire Kirkmans

This web page has some useful information on these Kirkmans, one branch of which emigrated to Philadelphia, Pa. and later to Springfield, Summit County, Ohio. There is more information in the Midlands Nottinghamshire  page.

Coats of Arms

This link takes you to a Kirkman Coats of Arms.

If you find a site which is particularly useful for your Kirkman research and think it should be added to this list, please let me know.