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Wills are documents of great (perhaps greatest) value in genealogy, especially when they predate Parish Registers. Not only do they often provide extremely useful information about the family members, but also they add flavour to what otherwise might be dry genealogical information. Often in early wills there is the additional benefit of a detailed inventory of goods.

Take Henry Kirkman’s will of 1543 for example. He bequeaths:

First Page of Henry Kirkman's will of1543

The first page of Henry’s will (click to enlarge)

For a full transcription, click here

Another early will,  that of John Kirkman of East Keal in Lincolnshire in 1557, is quite different in type. He makes many benevolent donations including:

East Keal Church

[For our overseas readers, s = shillings and d = pence. There were 12 pence to 1 shilling & 20 shillings to £1]

He also bequests his velvet night cap to Librous Alcock! Click here for the full transcript.

The final will I am including is that of Frances Kirkman of Chesterfield in Derbyshire. She is not in my tree, but she has relatives in USA which might help our American researchers. Frances bequests her estate to her daughter in law Mary Sowter, but if she dies un-married then it goes to Edward Fisher of South Carolina, son to my  sister Mary Fisher, in the sum of £500 on the condition that:

It is my earnest desire that Mary Sowter may quietly and peaceably enjoy this bequest. But if Edward Fisher or his heirs disturb Mary Sowter in the enjoyment of same, the conditional legacy to Edward Fisher shall be null & void!!! For a full transcription (and the deduction that Frances’ husband was Charles Kirkman), click here.

For a listing of all the documents transcribed for my tree, including the surnames of others mentioned in that document, please click here. If you would like a copy of a particular transcription, please e-mail me.

If you have the transcript of an interesting will you would like to publish on this site, please send me a copy, with brief description, for me to consider.

There is more information on Wills & Deeds for LANCASHIRE Kirkmans at the Guild of One Name Studies Kirkman archive.