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two family members were noted in eastern England in 1273 (Roger le Kyrkeman of Lincolnshire and Symon Kirkeman of Suffolk).

National Archives records  the Seal of a William Kirkman (Kyrkeman) on a property transaction in Corneybury, Hertfordshire dated between 1234 and 1266

A  Feoffment dated pre 1290 records the sale of land by Walter son of John Kirkeman of Sproatley, close to Hull in Yorkshire and the east coast.

A Land grant made by Sylvestor of Whinborough in the late 13th century was witnessed by John Kirkeman of Garvestone in Norfolk (source Nottinghamshire Archives).

Richard Kirkman is identified in the “Feudal History of the County of Derby” by J P Yeatman as being at Eyam, Derbyshire in 1318.

Fallen Knight & Squire - Kirkman


The first family member to be registered on an ancient British census was Robert Kirkeman, a Yorkshire squire cited on a Pipe Roll in the year 1230.

Roger le Kirkeman was recorded in Yorkshire in 1259 and

Another Feoffment dated 1361 relating to land in Ryston in  North Yorkshire was witnessed by Robert Kirkeman.

The family continued to reside in Yorkshire in the 14th century with Gilbertus Kyrkman, Johannes Kyrckman and Ricardus Kirkeman listed in 1379.

There is mention of a Richard Kerman of Gosport  buying land  in Hampshire in 1398. William Kerman was a witness. This is the earliest mention of Kerman I have found.

In 1342, William, son of Robert Kirkman of Hardwick in Yorkshire (just south of Rotherham), was named in a deed shown opposite (click to enlarge).
Deed by Robert Kirkman of Herthwyk [Hardwick] in Yorkshire

In the 15th century, a Rev. Richard Kirkman was rector of Little Ashby in Leicestershire during the War of the Roses reign of King Henry VI (1422-1461), and Alan Kyrkeman was a Norfolk freeholder in 1472. Around 1500, Henry Kirkman of Melbourne of Derbyshire was born., and heads up my own Kirkman tree. Robert Kirkman was rector of North Tidworth in Hampshire in 1448. Thomas Kirkman followed the same profession in 1508 when he was Vicar of Howes (Hose?) in Leicestershire.

In 1510, Thomas Kirkman of Hogsthorpe in Lincolnshire completed his will. A Lincolnshire pedigree shows he had a son, John who married Elizabeth Gaunte in 1539. William Kyrkman was recorded as paying tax of 20 shillings and two pence in Twyford Derbyshire in 1543.

In 1557 John Kirkeman of East Keal in Lincolnshire made his will (see Wills).  Charles Kyrckman was a Lincolnshire landowner in 1597.

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