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Family Tree showing branches in Kirkman Genealogy


Just as this oak tree has branches of many and varied types with history interwoven into its shape, our Kirkman family is the same.  We can identify some distinctive separate lines now, and more will arrive over time, and as our DNA Project grows.




The Lancashire Branch of the Kirkmans is much the largest in UK. In the 1881 census, there were 1271 Kirkmans resident there. DNA testing shows that this branch  includes Cheshire.


The Midlands Branch comprises the counties of Lecestershire, Derbyshire (including Twyford), and Nottinghamshire.

In the 1881 Census, there were 30 Kirkmans resident here. Most of my own line comes from this County.

There were 106 Kirkmans living in the County in 1881. It grew rapidly after 1750 when Benjamin Kirkman from Leicestershire moved here.

This line is for the descendants of John Kirkman b abt. 1645. They eventually spread to Coventry, London, Liverpool and other parts of the Southern Counties.

In the 1881 UK Census, there were 20 Kirkmans resident in this County. DNA testing shows that one branch originates from Yorkshire.


In the 1881 UK Census, there were 43 Kirkmans present in this County.


In the 1881 UK Census, there were 89 Kirkmans living in the Capital. The London Kirkmans prior to 1750 have yet to be analysed, so at the moment this branch enumerates the Musical Kirkmans who emigrated from Germany.


In the 1881 UK Census, there were 122 Kirkmans present in this County, the second largest concentration in England

USA - Maryland

Most USA lines started with George Kirkman b bef 1684, probably a descendant of George who arrived in USA  in 1649. DNA testing shows that these Kirkmans may have descended from a McDaniel!

USA - Irish  Tennessee

This line originated from Dublin & Cork, Ireland, and who settled in Tennessee & later Alabama. DNA testing shows that they originated in Yorkshire.

USA - Danish   

This USA Kirkman line originated in Denmark.

Would you like to add a new Kirkman branch for your line? If so, please e-mail me a give me a brief description. Once  we have agreed the addition, I will lay it out and insert it into the web site.

St Giles Church, Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire, which has several Kirkman graves