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This site has been created to bring together KIRKMAN, KERKMAN, KIRKEMAN, KIRKMANN, KIRCHMAN, KYRKMAN  researchers from around the world. You will be able to read about the possible origins of these surnames, their history in USA and UK, and hear some of the interesting stories about them.

We have also provided links to other Kirkman web sites and researchers.Two major initiatives are highlighted here:

The Kirkman DNA Project aims to identify the different branches of the surname and link as many of these together as is possible.

The KIRKMAN One Name Study aims to record and make accessible as many Kirkman and related surname events worldwide as possible.

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Updated Kirkman Database

Brand new Yorkshire page with Kirkmans from Nottingham Line & USA Irish Tennessee Kirkmans!

Updated Nottinghamshire Kirkmans including Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania & California Kirkmans  

Revised Musical Kirkman’s Page, including Niagara, New York

DNA testing reveals that USA Kirkmans may be descended from McDaniels!



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